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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Portrait of George W. Bush

In these paintings below, George W. Bush reminds me of an opposite Basil Hallward, the artist in Oscar Wilde's The Portrait of Dorian Gray. While I strangely commend, respect and appreciate our former president's painting pasttime, I also genuinely wonder how it is he so comfortably, and seemingly frankly, exhibits his subconscious for us all to pick through these highly personal self-portraits. Whereas Basil Hallward profoundly dreads exposing the very essence of his being and can't seem to embrace the vulnerability that is usually attached with producing a piece of art that is most personal to and invested in by someone, George W. Bush almost seems to think "Been there, done that, Loh-ruh, have you seen my flat slanted brush?"  As we know, he is a very public figure even still.  Here, he's chosen to set himself in a bathroom, one of the most private rooms a person can be situated in.  The most likely case though is that no forethought occurred to him- and why should it?

His being under water is also very interesting, as is the literal and compositional reflection of himself; these paintings suggest he often reflects leisurely.... What I always imagined him to do- introspect, but in a very carefree, unaccountable way, like a rock into a lake sinking away from the repercussions of it's motion...   It's also worth noting, for brat-sake, that both sets of portraiture- Mr. Wilde's and Mr. Bush's- served as glimpses into the souls of two privileged megalomaniacs.


  1. He just wants to be a painter. Leave him alone!

  2. Didn't you read the part where I said I admire the endeavor? If he wants to just be a painter then he is automatically treated like any other artist- their work is subject to discussion.


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