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Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Dreams Are Wack

For a while now... For a great deal of my adulthood... I haven't been able to remember my dreams. I'm sure I had them, of course, but I just couldn't remember a thing upon a waking up, or even later in the day. Sometimes, if I was lucky, I'd remember a few hazy details, but they weren't very interesting. After hearing about my friend's ayahausca experience, I decided to start logging my dreams, this should imply also that I forced myself to have them more frequently, as a means to access more of my subconscious thinking (it's really very easy, you just tell yourself to and it happens... I know that's oversimplified, but before you go to bed you sort of make a mental note to remember them, then it becomes a habit just like the contrary became a habit- the power of intention!). So that happened.... Now my problem is twofold:

1) I can't stop dreaming! I'm having like 2-3 dreams a night and remembering all of them, and the worst part is they're keeping me in bed for too long. I had this nice 8 am wake up routine going and now I find myself kept by the dreaming until 10-10:30 am. They're so strong I choose not to wake up; maybe I'm unconsciously choosing to stay with them so I can keep this recording thing up, or maybe this is my new "normal".   Sleep patterns seem to be very much influenced by rhythm and habit. Also, when I do end up writing them...

2) They're wack! I have the worst dreams ever. When friends tell me theirs they're full of moments where one can't breathe, crazy sex, eerie environments, and mine are like- about amusement parks, conversations, dry cleaning, and if I get lucky- like the other day, a tropical forest with scary animals. That dream only happened because I had rum before going to bed and watched the first half of Tarkovsky's Stalker. Maybe I should drink more before bed... Just kidding. Terrible idea.

One positive thing, though, is that the logging has made me aware of patterns. For example, I've dreamed about amusement park situations three times since January 22. This reason is satisfactory enough for me to continue recording the dreams. I just need to learn how to control  the waking up part more efficiently.

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  1. Interesting! My brother has always had trouble remembering his dreams as well. I used to think that it was because he had an active social life ;and is less of a day dreamer than I am. Maybe, the amusement park pattern means...that you're looking for excitement, or to get away from something stressful?


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