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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


So I started running...

My first attempt lasted a meager 20 minutes which was technically more like 13 minutes, considering that the majority of my time consisted of shock-induced cool downs and generous stretching. I invented all sorts of stretches that I'm certain do nothing for my muscles, which the fit people who know what they're doing out there probably realized I was bullshitting. At least I looked like I meant serious business to the 3 people who saw me zip by during the actual running parts. This was Monday.

Last night though, a warm Tuesday, I went back out into Fort Tryon Park. I learned a couple of lessons from the first dash. Firstly, music is essential. It more than doubled the length my workout. A good song motivates me more than any internal pep talk. Visage's "Fade to Grey" did that for me when I was going down the "champ stairs" as I like to call them (pictured below) I'd like to note: Much steeper and longer than the one's Rocky Balboa climbs. Take that, Rocky. I was ready to head up the steep incline home and when Visage came on I decided- one more round! That one more round turned into an extra 20 minutes of stairs and jogging.


Basically, being alone with my thoughts turned into the elimination of my thoughts. Now wasn't the time to think about what I was doing or about anything, really; I think all day. Now it's just time to run. Once I realized that was sort of the point it all started to make more sense. Once in a while, with what seemed like the perfect timing but was really due to a new, excited perception, I received the nicest body hugging summer breezes. For the first time in a while, I felt like I deserved them.

I also noticed a lot of new wave songs are about running. Running so far away... Running away then turning away. This must mean something, so I chose it as my first genre to run to. Here's the playlist that made a difference, with special thanks to Morty Coyle. I arranged it according to beats per minute and gave Bronski Beat and Kraftwerk special priority because they are Bronski Beat and Kraftwerk. As for that first sonic anomoly, well... I enjoy stretching to that Brazilian song because it's a good mood setter, a nice way to transition into a escape mode. I played it twice actually, for about 10 minutes of stretching because I just love it so much.

More photos and a nice history of Fort Tryon Park courtesy of My Walking Pictures @ Blogspot.

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