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Monday, March 19, 2012

Me 2

I'm not one to usually celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but having made some new Irish friends this year- I absolutely couldn't partake in the festivities this year. My Cork buddies and I went to the U2 Nation show at Hiro Ballroom, the most fun I've had with music in a while! It was here that I had the eye opening revelation that cover band shows are better than real mega-band concerts!

Cover bands work because the band is not very different from you. They are fans and know what you want to hear. They repeat the hooks at just the right time because they know what you want to hear! They don't have to worry about reinventing themselves, choosing a precise set list according to their latest album because they have sales to worry about- no! They just play all of the hits, and encourage the sing-a-long because face it- they're karaokeing just as much as you are. And the common interest is heightened because the people that are there truly want to be there! They have just paid to watch someone pretend to be the thing they really like, so you know you're going to be with a passionate audience.

Fake Edge really held his own. I was so impressed. Fake Bono wasn't so bad either, and he was quite hilarious. He's been pretending to be Bono for so long that he himself has a bit of a diva syndrome. It's fascinating actually because the guy has a fabulous voice and nails the impersonation... I wonder though, what does it take, mentally, to become fake Bono? It's more than just purple Ray Bans and a leather jacket. I'm dying to investigate.

I realized the brilliance of "Where the Streets Have No Name", U2 Nation nailed the ambiance and recreated each moment precisely. From older favorites like "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "With Or Without You" to newer hits like "Beautiful Day" and "Mysterious Ways" to obscure ones like "Party Girl", they took the U2 experience to a place of elevation... I even found myself liking that song! Who woulda thunk it!?!?!?! I was very upset they didn't play Ultra Violet, as I was in it for the full cheese experience. Having practiced at home all day for the show while doing my laundry, I found myself really into the pop goodness of that song, so when I didn't hear it I immediately expressed concern (AKA shouted "You guys, why aren't you playing Ultra Violet?" or "Still no Ultra Violet, c'mon!!!!"). Fake Adam Clayton, thankfully, explained they had a new guitarist and so they hadn't yet covered the Ultra Violet terrain. I was so pleased to know that and then decided the show was near perfection except for one thing - Hiro Ballroom didn't have Guinness.


  1. i once live-worked at a hostel that had a "Best of U2" tape in the kitchen. except in very tiny print it said "inspired by". it was a very faithful rendition, the kind of just-slightly-off that really only becomes apparent after repeated listening but once you hear it it really grates on your nerves. it was interesting to see if people would pick up on it. of course i was never a very big U2 fan in the first place, so one day i chucked it out the window. shitty backpackers LOVE u2, they were playing that shit all the time.

  2. Very cool, except for the Guinness-less-ness and unheard Ultra Violet. I would often sing that song to myself back in the 90s on the sidelines when I fought for the attention of my future wife. She drove me love often does to people. Funny thing, I initially read your blog entry as a U2 cover band playing their songs ballroom style - somebody needs to get on that. A big ballroom swing version of Mephisto would be damn spanky cool.

  3. Inspired by tapes are one of life's greatest treasures and disappointments.


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