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Monday, March 19, 2012

B*tches in Bookshops

B*tches in Bookshops (Parody of N*ggas in Paris - Click here for the original)

Performed by La Shea Delaney (2nd verse) and Me (1st verse)

Directed, Produced, Written by Moi
Shot and Edited by Eliav Mintz
Song Recorded and Mixed by Stephen Galgano

Read so hard librarians tryin’ ta FINE me­,
They can’t identify me,
Checked in with a pseudonym, so I guess you can say I’m Mark Twaining.
Read so hard, I’m not lazy.
Go on Goodreads, so much rated.
Fountainhead, on my just read, gave it four stars, and then changed it.
Read so hard, I’m literary.
Goosebumps series, TOO SCARY!

Animal Farm, Jane Eyre
Barnes & Nobles, Foursquare it
No TV, I read instead
Got lotsa Bills, but not bread

Read so hard, got paper cuts
On trains while you're playin’ connect the dots
All these blisters from turning pages
Read so hard, I’m seeing spots

Your Sudoku just can’t compare
Nor Angry Birds cos lookit here
My Little Birds is getting stares
This print’s rare.

Read so hard, I memorize, The Illiad... I know lines.
Watch me spit, classic lit, epic poems that don’t rhyme.
War and Peace, piece of cake, read Tolstoy in 3 days.
Straight through, no delays.
Didn’t miss a word. Not one phrase.

Read so hard librarians tryin’ ta fineee me - That shit cray x 3
Read so hard librarians tryin’ ta fineee me – That shit cray x 3

He said Shea can we get married at the Strand
His Friday Reads are bad so he can’t have my hand
You ball so hard, OK you’re bowling
But I read so hard, I’m JK Rowling

That shit cray
Ain’t it, A? What you readin’?
AQ: DeMontaigne.
You use a Kindle? I carry spines.
Supporting bookshops like a bra, Calvin Klein.

Nerdy boy, he’s so slow
Tuesday we started Foucault
He’s still stuck on the intro? He’s a no go.
It’s sad I had to kick him out my house though –
He Mispronounced an author - MARCEL PROUST

Don’t read in the dark
I highlight with markers
While laying in the park
And wearing Warby Parkers
Marriage Plot broke my heart
And it made me read Barthes
I special ordered a
A softcover not hard- HUAH?AHEHA?!

Read so hard libraries tryin’ ta fine me x 2

I am now marking my place
Don’t wanna crease on my page
Don’t let me forget this page
Don’t let me forget this page
I may forget where I left off so I’ll use this little post it…
I hope it doesn’t fall out, I hope that it stays stickie…

I am now marking my place
Don’t wanna crease on my page
Don’t let me forget this page
I got bookmarks at home
But I forgot one for the road
AQ: I got a bookmark I can loan
La Shea: Know how many bookmarks I own?

I am now bookmarking my page x3
DON’T LET ME FORGET THIS PAGE -age-age-age-age-age.

Update: For those of you asking for the mp3, here you are!


  1. LOVE this! Thank you for the entertainment, and the B*tches n Bookshops validation! LOL

  2. I'm a huge fan of the Strand! Sweet vid.

  3. Can I please, please, please get an mp3 of this? Would listen to it regularly...

  4. BUEN HECHO!!!

  5. Um, amazing. I'd like an MP3 too!

  6. I love this song! I saw it on FB last night and it's been going through my head ever since. You both did a great job. An anthem for the smart girl! Bravo!

  7. Love this! Saw it through Shelf Awareness today.

  8. Vid deserving of the word = AWESOME!

  9. Great video! You two are so talented.

    I'm with jonyangorg. Is there an mp3 of this awesomeness?

  10. Love the vid! BUT FOR REAL THOUGH...What lipstick are you wearing? It is divine.

  11. sweet parady, i am sending it to everyone i know:)

  12. I absolutely love this! Just shared it with my book club! xox

    1. thank you! what're you guys reading right now?

  13. Thank you, guys!!! - i put the MP3 below

    @michelle - lol - NARS cruella! but i think i mixed it w valkyrie that day cos its looking a little dark...

  14. Yo, this is so hot I don't even know what to do about it. I though the Mighty Mos had already schooled 'Ye & J by making a way better cover than their original, but yours is even better than his.

    If I wasn't married, I'd be asking you out for being so awesome.

    Finally, despite being a prodigious reader, I apparently have been pronouncing Proust wrong - he shoulda spelled that shit "Proost". Hazards of reading a word many times but never hearing anyone else pronounce it, I guess, yet I can't help but note how that word is not pronounced "pro-noonce"...

  15. Really enjoyed the video.
    Thanks, from another book and reading addict.

  16. Absolutely brilliant! Thanks for making my day with this. Should be required viewing in all high schools, first day of school.

  17. So now every time I'm on the train watching stations flashing past, all I can think of is that line, "I am now marking my page/ Don't let me forget this page", resounding in time to the swaying of the train carriage.

  18. This video is amazing; I couldn't stop laughing. I can't believe you all pulled this off in one day! Great short and hope to see more in the future.

  19. I loved this for SO many reasons - both literary and superfical. Amazingly hilarious.


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