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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Caffe Capri

Although the locals of East Williamsburg's Graham Avenue are privy to Caffe Capri, it's still somewhat of a hidden wonder in the grand scheme of things. I mean this city really runs on good coffee, however it's beyond a caffeine addiction that keeps me coming back. There's something genuinely comforting and special about walking into this space. For me, it's a feeling best described as the combination of walking into a family run business where the relatives tend to hang out religiously and the excitement of straying into an ostensibly unknown gem upon traveling, the kind that eventually constitutes one of the highlights of your trip.

According to Free Williamsburg:

This long-standing barista boasts the neighborhood’s finest iced coffee (even at $4 a pop it’s a steal) as well as a cannoli that would make an Italian mama blush. The interior, dripping with seasonal Easter bunny cut-outs or fruit-striped candy canes, is warm and inviting and the counter is always loaded with fresh baked sweets wrapped in cellophane. You might catch the occasional shag hanging about, but there are only four tables to lounge around in and the extended family takes up two of them. Plus, owner’s Joe and Sarah nixed their smoking section last year, cutting its hipster lingering down by almost 50%. Don’t worry about losing out on all the fun by asking for it to go-Joe weaves a great two-minute story chock full of neighborhood lore.

Brownstoner says:

This homey neighborhood favorite at 427 Graham Ave. in Williamsburg is the place to go for inimitable iced coffee. Shortly after Sarah Devita and her brother-in-law Joseph Rinaldi opened in 1974, they had the idea of feeding coffee through their gelato machine. The result is a perfectly crystallized coffee. Because no ice is added, the drink stays as strong as when it was first served. Thirty-two years later they’re still serving the same drink made with the same device (served at just a few tables). “We’ll probably stay as long as the machine stays,” warns Devita.

Such a special place, and yes, the cannoli is the real deal! Today they were playin Peppino DeCapri's Roberta, beyond apropos on so many levels! I am attaching it below for your enjoyment, as well as this brilliant cover of How Deep Is Your Love. That's my jam right there, a smoothness that greatly complements their traditional, yet luxurious goods:

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