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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Let's get one thing straight, I never hate on LA even though it's not the primary place I want reside for the next couple of years. When I point out certain East Coast details I deem preferable for where I'm at right now in my life, it doesn't mean I'm remarking on Los Angeles as a whole because I know that LA, having been born and raised there, has a myriad of unique qualities that make it special- and really, a luxury. One point I've made when having this tiresome LA vs. NY debate at parties and dinners, is how personally it really is a challenge to stimulate myself culturally, artistically, intellectualstuffistically, since everything is so spread out. This obviously does not mean Los Angeles is devoid of culture, art, intellectual stuff... It just means that accessibility wise, it doesn't work out easily for many people. I feel you have to do a little bit of digging to find the gold, which isn't necessarily a bad thing considering you're in a place that I am pretty certain invented the adjective form of the word "chill" and single-handedly spearheaded the concept of formal casual attire. Now, if you have a freelance job, or no job, or unlimited gas in your tank- yes it's not as challenging, but I didn't have any of those, so my opinion is pretty strongly felt. I guess this was more a preamble on transportation systems than on artistic presence... Anyway, I came across this passage in Steve Martin's An Object of Beauty and smiled to myself because I know he gets it.

"There is art in Los Angeles that rivals New York's, but to see all of it you would need General Eisenhower to plan the attack. The Los Angeles County Museum is miles from the Getty, which is miles from the Hammer [actually, Steve, not really- these two are the closest in proximity], which is miles from the Norton Simon, which is miles from the Museum of Contemporary Art, and if the dots were connected on a map, you would see a giant circle running around the periphery of Los Angeles with no convenient route connecting them. The viewer of this map would realize that the best way of commuting among these five significant art museums would be by Swiss gondola or light aircraft."

- Martin, An Object of Beauty, 161


  1. Everyone in LA should have access to a Swiss gondola.

  2. Everyone. And while we're at it no more Runyon- funicular railways over the hills. Instead of a highway to parallel the 10 from the Westsides to the Hollywood areas- a combination of high speed cable cars and trolleys. Definite gondola action from every city node. Problem solved. Annabelle Quezada for Governor 2014!


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