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Saturday, April 30, 2011

In Transition

Dear All 6 Of You,

I am really forcing myself to sit and type something on here. As some of you already know, I am experiencing major withdrawals from roaming around aimlessly and doing as I please, day in and day out, for three weeks. I'm almost certain this was the most spontaneous vacation I have taken, on many levels, and I'm finding the transition back into an organized reality a tad difficult. That being said, today I decided on a solution whereby I will marry the vacation mentality into daily life, an attempt at incorporating the freedom of being guided by the moment with some semblance of structure and checking off on my inevitable to do's.

Perhaps the most frightening aspect of this post-vacay syndrome was a smidgen of a lack of motivation. I haven't been able to research, write, doodle or even blog anything because of such a paralysis... Today I managed to make myself a strong, strong coffee and some yummy toasts (Lavazza with soy milk, butter with cinnamon and olive pate, hummus and onion jam, respectively), began to unpack my suitcase and put everything back in its place. Baby steps... A good beginning towards reifying my return, hopefully my state of mind will follow suit.

Some inspiring things aiding my jolt back into productive mode:

-Spring is here! After I unpack my suitcase non-halfassedly, I'll replace the old soil in my pots and scatter new seeds. Thanks, Bluebs for planting the idea in my head to plant seeds in pots, and for our long, Negroni supported chats on goals and perseverance.

-Smeerk and Shrimpie's culinary escapades on the digital frontier are keeping me on my toes, with ideas sure to tickle all of the senses. Find them on Twitter, they're new and follow-worthy!

-Glimpsing the National Theatre Wales channel on You Tube. Here you can watch snippits of the large scale community effort in reviving Port Talbot's Passion plays, a massage for the right side of your brain.

-Starting Joys and Sorrows: Reflections by Pablo Casals.

-Leonard Cohen's "Ten New Songs" album.

Ciao, un bacio,

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