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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Work Sweet Work

Nestled between the Upper West Side and Midtown hell, or what my dear Bun would call Midtown cheap, I've really come to appreciate my work office neighborhood even though it's so close to all of the Times Square shmutz. I didn't realize how much I missed the hybrid Asian-Italian buffet downstairs, the local Fed Ex where they patiently provide every single shipping option before I pick the very first one they offered, the depressing Radio City Hall post office where the fire alarm is always beeping and of course the Daffy's discount store where I can always pop in and buy the coolest tights and undergarments for under $5.99. The first thing I did when back in the old hood was stop at Brasserie Cognac for my usual cappuccino and pain au chocolat combo. If you'll allow me to flatter myself briefly, I think they were happy to see me. I was very happy to see them. The nostalgia made an already scrumptious snack taste even better. I've also discovered a new wine shop to run to the next time I forget that the Whole Foods here don't sell wine because I aaaalways forget.

After shifting back and forth from new production office to old office and hopping around from location to location for almost a month, it's a really calm, cozy place to come back to despite it being located so close to one of the city's busiest nodes. Looking north from our fourth floor fire escape, I can watch all the tiny cars swirl around Columbus Circle and remember that the trees peeking out from behind the wine store and the Daffy's are hiding a drastically different, more Arcadian scene.

A friend of a friend of a friend of a fr.... one of those things... once said "I can't believe man conquered water". It was a very pothead thing to say, a very obvious thing to say and a very hilarious thing for all the people around him to hear. I'm about to say something that rivals this "duh" moment: There is just so much stuff in this city! I seriously can't believe how many people there are sometimes. Mahler's ninth symphony throws you right into a heap of built uppedness. That's what it feels like to me when I step out of the office fire escape. Yet, even though the masses of brick and concrete create this Randian coldness, there's still something romantic beneath all of it. The surrounding rhythms are quite perfect and elegant if you can tune out the honking and tolerate the occasional "What the fuck!"

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