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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Remembering Enrique: Hecho/Visto's Sexiest Post to Date

The Power of Prayer: I most totally prayed for him to get the mole removed, a wish that came true approximately eight years later. It may have even been a sincere post-Communion request. If only the one about visiting Scott Baio's (we share the same bday, Sept 22) basement quarters had come true. There was something very alluring about those wood paneled walls... Like there were mysteries behind each section. J'étais tellement jaloux, Nicole Eggert.

As I eat a mediocre pasta lunch made of literally everything I had left in the refrigerator that was about to go to waste (arugula, mushroom, tomato, dill), I remember the summer of 1995 or '96 in Coahuila, the one when Enrique Iglesias was on the telenovela Marisol and I begged Tia Rachel (her name is really Raquel and I'm almost sure that I sobbed hysterically for her) to record the episode where he sings "Por Amarte" for looming season finale's big concert (on the same VHS that also recorded a variety of Hannah-Barbara cartoons and the likes of mildly to highly inappropriate movies such as Unlawful Entry starring the underrated Madeline Stowe, Kurt Russell and a young Ray Liotta- Tia would make me cover my eyes during the sex scene where a topless Ms. Stowe straddles Russell and Ray walks in with a flashlight, but I made sure to peek between my fingers) (also, I'm pretty sure that that was "thee" unlawful entry), whence it followed that he (Enrique, not Ray) invites her (Marisol) onstage midsong (1:56-2:07 in above clip).

I am very certain that I wrote all of the lyrics to his guera serenade inside one of maybe a dozen Five Star notebooks (I was a Five Star snob - college ruled, not wide- and had a proclivity to the navy cover) which I bought at the Wal-Mart in Eagle Pass, Texas (they sold rifles there, not even like behind glass casing or anything). This was a dumb move on my part considering I would proceed to buy about eight "Escribe" brand notebooks in Villa Union over the course of my one and a half month stay (I loved the way there was a separate header for a topic and the date). The graphed paper was conducive to my pemanship practice, as it allowed me to squeeze one character per square (the Five Star notebooks, however, contained lots of short stories about "high school girls" a la Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley High Series, where I would go on for pages about what each teenager was wearing, a regular ol' progesterone prone, pubescent Proust; plaid skirts were really in at the time). Looking back, my stacks and stacks of carefully chosen office supplies and stationery, that somehow quelled the painful homesickness (and were often used as a tactic to appease me into staying in Mexico longer without complaining) were such a funny little contrast to my aunt's piles of pulp fiction in the storage room next door (I frequently snuck peeks at the extremely large breasted women on the covers). I don't really remember what they were about, someone was always trying to kill somebody else and very little clothing was involved... Maybe on my next trip over there I will find out. Watching Enrique now, that was a pretty weak cameo. Network (Televisa) may have paid a couple thou for that.

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  1. ahahahahahahahahaha this entry is hilarious! i remember that summer!


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