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Sunday, March 13, 2011



Yes, I know these photos aren't the best, I was too preoccupied sipping sangria and watching incredible flamenco dancers. Must say, Nai knows how to make a good sangria. They don't skimp on the brandy which is a common mistake that leaves the drink tasting more like watered down wine with apples. The tapas weren't bad either. I had the mussels in garlic, white wine and cilantro- pleasant, although some of them were too small. I also enjoyed the lightly battered cod fish which was delicious, tender and lemony, but there were definitely not enough pieces in the tapas sized portion. I was left craving many, many more!

I'm tremendously grateful for having become so close to my girl Rebeca through the film! Always radiant and dancing her booty off... This was the perfect group to spend a Saturday night with. I really needed a solid three hours of speaking Spanish this week!

I find on point flamenco dancing so inspiring. The sharp kind. Not too frilled and flouncy. There's a pleasant combination of intensity, grace and focus that drives not just their footwork, but all of their movements, their uprightness. It says something bigger to me about purpose and dedication. There's something basic- er dare I say primal (I hate saying things are primal, but there is-)* about these performances. My favorite kind of music these days is the kind with the least amount of instruments, but with a whole lot of "bigness" emanating from it. They're like the ultimate generators, these guys... Recycling a very normal energy within a space, giving birth to a newer, stronger vibrancy through each song and dance.

*I think this is because it's just never enough to say something is primal, you really have to explore the hows and whys if you're going to make that statement or else you're not really saying much. Sometimes a long walk can be primal, so can sitting around a campfire, and according to me, flamenco. I guess everything goes back to the heartbeat, eh? More on this at a later time.

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