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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Paper Trail: Idealizing the Most Annoying Time of the Year

Please excuse the absence, it seems I may have spoken too soon about catching a break there. And what better time to reprise than... right after I've sorted out my taxes! Along with massive amounts of deli goods from Bread & Honey, I also obtained a very schmaltzy brain in 2010, and now here I am- in bed on a Sunday romanticizing the action of sifting through tattered receipts. I should really just keep a receipt diary, it would make next March-April less stressful, and my choices would all be present and tracked, with the added bonus of concrete mementoness.

Remember this day? That waterfront scene came to mind when I pulled this guy up:

Or how about the deep need to retreat home after a melancholic birthday dinner. That guy on the left below resurfaced the sharp feeling and all of the supporting thoughts from that very long cab ride home. Oy vai voy, you could tell I was in a distracted state, $7.00 tip??? Good grief! Or how about a couple months prior, after my Russian & Turkish Baths relaxing time with Bluebs, I arrive home to an anxiety attack when I discovered that my wet bathing suit and red Netflix case procreated an unfortunate mistake baby! They turned my favorite shirt into a swirly state of pink and red, not too different from the color on my face- I nearly dyed (para psht!). Yes, I got it salvaged immediately. Evidence below. I'm reminded of my more passive aspects when I see that I continuously paid the full $10 admission to The Cloisters, which is actually run on a donation basis... I always chicken out and decide to support the arts at the last minute. Is it really that though? Or not wanting to seem like a cheap skate?

Then there was the day I embarked on the longest walk around town... I eventually strayed into the bookstore, having been in the mood for an easy read. The Strand receipt below made me remember this scenario, bare feet and a maelstrom of strange events that ensued. You learn a lot from looking at your year in terms of dates, amounts spent and whatever service or object you acquired in that transaction. Suddenly you are in regret for spending the evening with company that wasn't worth a $16 cheese plate last year, or you find yourself regarding a $75 dye removal process as thee decision of the year when you think of all of the times you gleefully wore your favorite shirt after, exponentially grateful for its successful restoration.

Note to self re. 2011: Go easy on the daily cappuccino/croissant splurging.

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