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Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm baaaaaack!

Get ready, buns, because I'm back to blogging!

I did try to check in, but it just wasn't gonna happen the way I wanted to. Of course now that I'm itching to resume my blogging rhythm, I've lost my camera's USB cord and can't upload my recent photos. Obligatory recap will have to suffice.

It was a grueling past few weeks, as you already know. While I'm glad that the days of 4 am wake ups (only to be in bed by 2 am the next day) are no more... I think the frenzy isn't going to leave my body easily. I had been used to a wacky schedule before shooting started, but my body has become addicted to this internal clock. It's a bit past midnight right now, and after all I've wanted the past few days has been to sleep and only to sleep, all I can think of doing is blogging, reading, shouting, sharing, expressing, eating this chocolate that my temp French roomie left behind, listen to new music...

I met so many amazing people on this project, really special people that I hope to see and work with in the future. I didn't realize how much of an impact everyone would have on me, but I grew close to many of them and very fast. I met all sorts of fascinating new friends from all over. Crabby people. Cheerful people. Inspirational, insanely talented people from our crew to the consultants to the Brooklyn Parkinson Group to the bow makers to local dancers. Brilliant musicians who helped me find a new form of music to fall in love with. I discovered new favorites like honey pretzel sticks from Trader Joes and the gentlemen from Brooklyn Rider, who I absolutely cannot wait to see at Alice Tully on March 9. I tapped into a very special world, and the context in which I did so couldn't be more appropriate. In a year where I've examined, wrestled with and redefined what relationship means to me, it was a most appropriate lens to explore some of the deepest, most beautiful sounds I've ever heard.

I learned 6:50 am is not so bad... even when it's the time you're coming home.

I learned that this isn't how you hold a cello bow...

This is:

And I learned to hang in there!

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