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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Annabelle Explains It All

I think I may have nailed the incipience of my fondness for 80s music. The movie is Teen Witch and the year was ... sometime around 1994. This film means so much to me. My close friends joined me in attending a special screening at the Nuart Theatre about 4 years ago, a show which happened to take place on the day of my b-day... A birthday gift from God? Perhaps. I remember my parents always walking in during the most inappropriate scene where the hunky quarterback Brad, puts his hand into high school dweeb-cum-popular girl Louise's shirt, making me morbidly humiliated. I rehearsed every song in front of my mirror wearing ugly leftover 80's clothes (I was a late bloomer so hot 80s fashions were mid 90s ones for me). But let me be more specific since appreciating Teen Witch these days is as hackneyed a pop cultural phenomenon as quoting the "I'm so excited... I'm so scared" line from Saved By The Bell. The exact moment could very well have been when Louise Miller ("Ah yeah... Louise Miller, well you weren't here a second ago...") and her frazzy haired companion make it to the Shana concert. Shana's melodies in "Never Gonna Be the Same Again" still ring in my head, creating a sonic reference that serves as the framework for my valuing a lot of the auditory treasures that excite me the most today.

I just tweeted that apparently being a popular girl entails being sexually harrassed by meathead jocks and bands of thugs, but on a real note - the excitement that came over me when Louise turned popular and walked down those stairs at her parent's house in that lacey coral skirt - Oof! Unforgettable!

I'll spare you the tired "Top That" segment as so sassily interpretted by the two corny white guys, one of which you may recognize from TV's "Harry and the Henderson's", but I will provide this funny Lonely Island spoof as an alternative:

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