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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving- Impromptu California Transplants Style

Thanksgiving away from my loved ones isn't optimal, but luckily my West Village queridos, Levi and Farrah, had me over, and let me collaborate with them for a Thanksgiving dinner menu. FS's cousin Jordan contributed some delicious BBQ short ribs, while Mark cooked up an amazing kale and squash side. I contributed my usual brussel sprouts with crispied bacon & shallots and dates and a warm toasted almond carrot soup with FS. This is, of course, while Levi did everything from scavenge town for extra carrot peelers to build perfectly matching table appendages. The highlight for me was FS's mouthwatering miso cod which she marinated in saké, mirin, white miso paste and brown sugar for 2 days prior. I made two different potato/fennel gratins to complement the cod and the ribs - a wasabi-crème fraiche one garnished with fresh ginger and a gruyere-crème fraiche one garnished with parsley. I made my favorite white bean dip to snack on before hand and also the avocado, sliced almond, parmesan salad with a shallot and honey mustard vinaigrette. Jordan also made a peach infused vodka tea to supplement his peach tobacco hookah. Twin Mark brought delicious apple and cherry pies which we ate with fresh, homemade whipped cream (Farrah added vanilla extract and powdered sugar to some heavy whipping cream and literally whipped it up in no time at all). The designated wines were each splendid and token Thanksgiving "Mom" bestowed a delicious assortment of chocolates and marzipan upon us. It's like she sensed my recent marzipan tooth... Levi and Farrah made a traditional pumpkin pie, but I was so full from the food I only enjoyed the cherry- pie perfection! Farrah and I got to boss everyone around in the kitchen, which is always nice... And how's this for serendipity- Mom did the Camino de Santiago I am doing next year in Spain and had an abundance of tips and advice for me! A Thanksgiving miracle... Also a Thanksgiving miracle - we made nearly everything from scratch beginning at 2 pm and sat to eat at 8 pm! A bittersweet sigh... the holidays are here.

See if you can spot your little Blogger Belle above...

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  1. Whoa. Those two boys with the older woman are gorgeous.


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