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Thursday, November 11, 2010

... Is A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose.

I'm so rosy cheeked this week.... Literally. I got this soothing, slightly sweet, caffeine-free rose & tulsi tea to enjoy at the office and Thayer's Rose Petal and Witch Hazel toner to make me feel luxurious this week. I thought to post about this absolutely breaking news because it seemed an apposite follow-up to my previous post about the different types of roses and their meanings.

Since the book had so many meanings for each variety, and I couldn't find "sweet" or "pink", I chose to follow good old "Rose" which symbolizes love. Schmaltzy? I'm OK with that because it's about to get schmaltzier.... I promise to not scan the entire Language of Flowers book onto this blog, ha, but I had to include the cute poem that "Father" wrote to "Mother" in August of 1913. I can't tell if that's August 8 or 18, but I hope it's the 18th since that's when Susan Miller said the retrograde would clear away all obstacles and bring about loving energies for Virgo and Libra. You see, I am on the cusp of both signs, but I have a neat system. The neat system is basically that I check both horoscopes and pay attention to whichever is more to my advantage. This is decided, of course, after I double check that I have not been given conflicting predictions- and they're usually very reconcilable forecasts. I usually end up minding both sets. Kind of like in Chapter 2 of the Baby-sitters Little Sister Series, The Baby-sitter's Club spin-off, in which Ann M. Martin would repeatedly explain that Karen Brewer, a child of divorced parents, was fortunate to have two homes, two families and two sets of possessions. Clearly, my reality is a lot less significant, I was just born on a day with transitioning planetary... celestial... whatever, going on and little Karen was subject to a more trauma inducing domestic schism. Either way, how does that saying go? Life is full of thorns but among these thorns roses grow...

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