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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mushroom Crunch

Check out this "mushroom crunch" dish Farrah and I ordered from Pinto, along with the five nut/seed chicken and citrus chicken lettuce wraps. Anything with the words crunch, as a rule of thumb- I'm down to order. As if sesame breaded mushrooms aren't tantalizing enough, it comes with a jalapeno tartar sauce!

Funny enough, as much as I love mushrooms now, there was a time that I didn't, and I can pinpoint the exact date that brought this aversion to fungii into fruition.

September 22, 1993. My fourth grade birthday. I had a pizza party with some schoolmates at home. Mami ordered three pizzas from my favorite spot, Jino's, one was cheese, one was pepperoni, and one was a combination of pepperoni and mushroom. Any of the three pizzas would have been amazing because Jino's knows what they're doing (to the point that I still know their number by heart (310) 674-8000 - ha!)... Alas, I reached over for the pepperoni and mushroom variety. I don't know if it was Yvette or Nastassia or Amanda or Megan, but somebody squealed words that have been made immortal in my mind, "Ewwwwwwwwwww.... I hate mushrooms," after which the other uniformed brats in their over-sized or overly small grey and blue plaid jumpers chimed in, "Yeah, mushrooms are gross!" or "Blegh!"

At that exact moment my fondness for mushrooms was no more. I'm not sure why I felt shame, but I did! I agreed with them, insisting I didn't normally like mushrooms, and quickly my mother blew my cover, "Ani, that's not true, you love mushrooms!" I gave her a stern look and I don't think I ate mushrooms again until late high school when I came to terms with the harrowing event. Eventually, I started eating mushrooms again consistently. This was around the time that the Buns and I would have biweekly dinners at Cobras & Matadors; I couldn't get enough of the nutmeg or cumin covered mushroom dish with the nuts, garlic and parsley. But there was a while there... Roughly speaking 1993-2000 A.D... Where fourth graders' peer pressure sunk deep into my brain and managed to manifest itself as a reified, physical disgust.

Photo by Meng H. on Yelp!

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