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Friday, September 24, 2010

In A Zone (Hint: It's Not Autozone)

Just heard a story in which Character A tells Doctor U: "I have nothing left in my arsenal... I've tried everything." To this Dr. U responds, "Don't you see? It's not up to you. You've done all you can, as you said. It just isn't up to you past a certain point."

These are the type of things I just don't learn easily. I can figure out how to thread my eyebrows like a pro in a month. I am kind of good at not making the same mistake twice. I've been good at picking up languages these days... When it comes to this though. I fail miserably. I've never thought of myself as a control freak, perhaps it's time to start.

It feels like no one around me has it easy these days... Not that I was expecting it to be so, but... gimme a break. Does the harvest moon from Wednesday have anything to do with this? At least I was well fed on my birthday thanks to Gordis who supplied me with so many goodies including my favorite chocolate lava cake with halvah and anise frosting from Hummus Kitchen...

Last night, I checked out a Batsheva Dance Company show, which was beyond inspirational. Ohad Naharin's brilliant choreography had me on the verge of tears. Although I was bummed that I missed the Bouchra Ouizguen performance at the French Institute this same night. I must say, it's godawful walking around like a zombie, but it's done wonders for my creativity and compassion. There's a new intersection between sensitivity and creating in my life I am starting to appreciate... My new resolution is to keep tapping into that, but to also be happy and honest with myself while keeping that emotional reservoir in tact. Still trying to find my rhythm here...

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