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Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Huckleberry Eve

So last year's unemployment induced mild depression has evolved into this year's deeper, heartache inspired depression which has decided to showcase itself exclusively on Saturdays. Why can't one ever have it all??? *throws hands in air and chomps on raisin toast smeared with Burnet* Well you can, but that takes a lot of work, and since I've been doing enough of just that Sunday-Friday in another arena, I'm afraid I don't have much time or energy to invest in other departments. While the nonstop workdays have been good for not dwelling on sad stuff, it's been terrible for that first day off, which is when all the thoughts I've suppressed for an entire week surface and keep me in bed for an embarrassing amount of hours. Once I did manage to prop myself out of bed, I discovered the world was a fairly nice place around 6 pm.

Shortly after waking up, I arrived at this Huckleberry Bar with D and B. I really enjoyed the snacks and drinks here (listening to Jimmy Buffett's "Another Saturday Night (And I Ain't Got Nobody)" upon arriving 30 minutes early- not so much). We sort of did it big with a pair of paninis and smaller munchies like perfectly candied pecans and hardboiled eggs with a ranchy mayo/mustardseed condiment.

The first thing I ordered was a prosciutto, gouda, pickled jalapeno and peach butter sandwich. I was upset at first that I couldn't taste the peach, but once it kicked in it was heavenly! It was actually the perfect amount, with the bits of spicy pickle here and there in side a perfectly pressed, flaky crust. Afterwards, we had the tuna melt with white cheddar and caperberry pictured above. I had these with a Raoul Lufbery (Prosecco, Beefeater gin, basil, fresh grapefruit and lime).

Then I tried a Perfect Juanhattan (Old Overholt Rye, Sweet Vermouth, Dry Vermouth, Apple Bitters and Bourbon Cherry). I developed an affinity for smokey liquors last night after that and a smokey mezcal with lime and other stuff (like maple syrup, grapefruit and extra secret goodies), although after mentioning the down-in-the-dumps stuff, I don't want you to get the wrong idea! The meat and cheese plate was amazing. I forgot what the blue cheese was called, but the white bit of bliss in the middle is Brunet, a Goat's Milk from Italy that I'm about to go buy a barrel of.

I also found this new pattern I'm fond of in the bathroom, soon to be replicated by yours truly in the N.O.P. Please keep in mind that the same lighting that does justice to a bar toilet is not as effective with regard to capturing blue hues with a camera phone... Booooo.

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