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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Family Wedding Key Players

The backdrop is a lovely NYC skyline on a breezy Friday night. There is a lit up palm tree and imported sand from the Jersey Shore. I feel like I am in the Dominican Republic, not Queens. The party starts winding down, hours into a lively midsummer night of samba and merengue. I soon realized it started to resemble the last hour of a family wedding, when a lot of guests are gone but the key players are still in attendance and at their finest. Quickly thereafter, such characters were explored...

Above we have the cool cousin best man. His role is self explanatory. His speech will be 80% jokes and his dancing will be 100% obnoxious. Nevertheless, he is an essential component of the family wedding.

Then we have the eager, active dancing sister/cousin/aunt/usually bridesmaid. Usually the first on the dance floor while the guests are still eating or roaming from table to table, keeping the party alive. This character comes in at :18 seconds in this video; her tardiness is most probably attributed to the aforementioned mingling. She is usually the most determined to receive the bouquet (I wager that in the clip above, the bride smacking her with the bouquet foreshadows just that happening). I am fairly certain that in the clip below, she is the one in green.

There's also everyone's favorite kids. There are several children present at most weddings, but the eyes are always on 2 or 3 specific ones, usually the cutest. The camera always goes back to them, and if it's your wedding make sure the parents of said cute kids are not manning the equipment or you will have slightly skewed footage. It's quite common, if not assumed, and these children tend be ring carriers or flower girls in the ceremony. My personal favorite is drunk uncle's wife, composed aunt. No matter what, she keeps her cool. She handles her partner's potentially embarrassing behavior with grace. Sassy aunt, however, is another story. Hopefully the mother of the bride does not have beef with her, because sassy aunt is always at the root of drama. Your mother might say she doesn't like to get involved in melodramatic family matters, but from the moment that sassy aunt is invited, your mother might make a bit of a face. I want to say that sassy aunts are usually attractive and hip dressers despite older age, but that might be another character altogether, the aunt that ages really really well that other women are slightly jealous of and just say she's conceited. Gracias, Asi, for that felicitous cool cousin best man footage.

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  1. It's lovely to hear about different wedding traditions. They look like they're having a blast in these videos.


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