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Thursday, May 13, 2010


When I was younger, my sister and I spent every summer with my tia and tio in Coahuila, Mexico. The vacations consisted of wandering around family ranches, swimming in murky lakes, fearing coyotes overnight, magical camp outs on my aunt's sprawling, firefly-lit backyard lawn, beating the older women at community games of Loteria and subsequently depriving them of their much anticipated kitchen appliance grand prizes... I was a lucky child in more ways than that.

We'd run outside in our bathing suits when it rained, many times with the sun out- my favorite, and would rush to bring the laundry hanging outside back indoors. My recollections are marred by an acrimonious interaction with my aunt, who I actively resented year after year, perhaps because as my caretaker, she was the perfect person to take my prepubescent aggression out on (and later pubertal aggression), which really stemmed from a form of homesickness. Towards the end of every season, I'd shamelessly get antsy for McDonald's, toys back home and like most other American 10 year olds, shopping malls. Years later, I find myself in the reverse scenario, wishing for the luxury of visiting my family in those parts!

On one particular trip over, my sister and I befriended a lovely pair of sisters from Mexico City who were staying with their aunt across the street from us. Gordis befriended the younger girl and I, the one my age. Addresses were exchanged and a long lasting transnational correspondence ensued. Naturally, it also dissipated, but years later, in the electronic age of having the option to order groceries online (not that I do, operative word: option) and denying the virtual friendship of a boy who was mean to me in 5th grade, my former pen pal and I reunited online. I was happy to learn she was as knowledgeable and enjoyable as I remembered her from my youth, and we have managed to remain part of each others' lives since.

In a full-circle-to-a-close sort of way, it makes sense that a person I associate with a more personal example of a growing global community would start this type of business. I am delighted for her new endeavor and proud to say I could contribute in its early stages. Great job, Mayalen!


  1. Thank you, Anna. As always, I love and admire your brilliant and alluring writing. I want to thank you once again for making the contents of our website shine like they do now in English. I hope we get the chance of working together in the future, cause we sure will be needing your great skills. Thanks a lot.

  2. It's Mayalen by the way.

  3. I figured! Ana-nymous... Besos!


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