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Friday, May 21, 2010

Ditching Things, One By One

I've made it a point to treat myself to Bouchon Bakery on Fridays exclusively. I don't think sugary baked goods are meant to be eaten for breakfast every single morning anyway. (Often, but not every single morning. Keep in mind, this is coming from a lady whose morning breakfast with her grandparents consisted of pan dulce and milked down coffee or milkshake, AKA choco-mil'). My preferred pastries are their chocolate and raspberry almond croissants. I skipped the coffee today, as I've been reserving that privilege for post-lunch hours, and made myself a peppermint tea when I got to the office.

I've also been skipping the great schlep of my laptop to and from work. It's heavier than most of the new Macs, I think (I'm still on the PowerBook G4! And it's served me well thus far, and so I'm giving the computer a kiss now and knocking on my desk three times three times. That wasn't a typo, I believe it doesn't work unless you knock thrice a consecutive three times). A coworker asked if I bring it to work with me every morning, and the week before, while Hook was in town, she pointed out that I've always been a schlepper of sorts. She recalled that in high school I would use giant, heavy bags packed with an incredible amount of inventive school supplies and irrelevant knick-knacks that I'd casually pull out Mary Poppins style. She's completely right though, and by the looks of things (glancing at my oversized bag), not much has changed...

Except that I have resolved to not bring the computer home each night. I have tons of pen and paper there, I happen to think my handwriting is nicer than Times New Roman, and my e-mails go straight to my phone. Why make things harder for yourself?

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