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Monday, March 1, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-ion Soup

I saw a bunch of pearl onions and a shallot on the road to the trash can, and being that my cabinets are somewhat lacking of full-on-cooking ingredients, I figured onion soup can't be too hard to make if you have onions, bread and cheese. There's lots of stuff I learned on this first attempt.

When I threw the skinned pearl onions and a clove of garlic to boil I didn't keep their water which Tash recommended I keep... and since I didn't have any broth around, I didn't sautee them long enough because I was antsy to onionify the water. I also didn't have gruyere or fontina around, but the good parmesan worked out nicely and to make the soup cheesier with the little bit I had I cooked it with the rind and a bay leaf. Luckily I had some apple cider around that I remembered worked out nicely a previous carrot soup. I made onion jam the other day and since I didn't have white wine or cognac to add to this one, I just threw in some of the jam for that sweet, reduced flavor. All in all, it was pretty tasty!!

I slightly toasted 2 slices of seeded whole wheat bread, put them on top of the soup and then piled it up with the parmesan and 2 minutes later I got a beautifully golden topped crock pot of bliss (despite that nasty yellow tinge depicted above, thanks to my temperamental cameraphone flash setting).

These are the little onions that didn't make the cut... I'll use them next time when I improve my recipe– that time I will have white wine, a good gruyere and some patience.

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