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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Free Cheese and Crackers

On the plane ride back from LA I finished reading Delta of Venus and I Escaped From Auschwitz. At some point, I got pretty hungry and attempted to buy cheese and crackers from a stewardess who noticed my book (Delta of Venus) and professed her love for Anais Nin; she loved reading her stories in college and had fond memories of Nin's diaries while pursuing her own writing. I didn't have time to overanalyze the fact that, thousands of miles in the air, a stranger was going into detail about her fascination with erotic literature, because I was busy fumbling through my wallet frantically for a credit card that was nowhere to be found... Then I remembered I used it to pay my rental car and probably left it behind! I apologized for keeping her, but she gave me the white cheddar and wheat cracker package anyway, only saying "Happy Holidays" cheerfully. The package seemed a little more tempting once I saw it included mixed nuts and raisins, or maybe just because it was free. She went off with a smile on her face- all because of the book! Still glowing with love for 2010, I set off to draw her a little thank you card √° la Delta of Venus cover art to thank her and wish her a beautiful new year...

It's taken at a weird angle because I didn't want the flash to alert the crew that my phone was on (don't worry, it was on airplane mode). My new friend would stop by while conducting her usual procedures, collecting the trash, making sure my seat belt was on, and that I wasn't using technology during uncalled for times (the betrayal!), but she did so with added delight just because we have both read Little Birds. The experience reminded me of I Escaped From Auschwitz because as the author recounts the way he survived he attributes a lot of why he was able to escape to his contacts in higher ranking positions, bonds because the people spoke the same language or were from the same region. At one point, Vrba seeks an impenetrable Russian POW, Dmitry Volkov, for guidance on how to escape. His words of wisdom reflected a variety of experiences at war, crucial in aiding Vrba's escape. Vrba's deep knowledge and appreciation of Russian literature, and sincere discussions of it, ended up being the determining factor in how he gained the solider's trust.

Needless to say, I found my credit card wrapped up inside Budget car rental receipts. I mean no disrespect likening my free cheese and cracker snack to a more grave example in the foreground of evil, I only wanted to touch on the significance of people focusing on what they share, and how they are similar, not because you might get a free snack, but because I sincerely believe both me and that stewardess had a much happier cross-country flight over such a small link.

Next on the list are the books Women Who Run With the Wolves, gifted to me by LaTashi, The Voices of Marrakesh: A Record of a Visit, lent and recommended by Blueberry, and The Road.

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