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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mexico City: Dia Dos

Let me introduce this post with a short proviso:
The Museo de Antropologia photos I chose to showcase below barely begin to scratch the surface of the amount of treasures we saw.
We arrived to the site on a cloudy Saturday, the sun shining through a breeze that blew in true Mexican weather form.

We hit the puestesitos outside of the museum for some goodies such as obleas (dulce de leche inside wafers), watermelon lollipops covered inside chili powder and mazapanes (peanut candy). They didn't allow food inside the museum so I had to scarf down my chili-watermelon treat.

The museum's design embodies mid-century modern architecture; it has a most impressive fountain in the middle of its courtyard that seems to relieve the weight off the giant, floating roof. It was designed in 1963 by the prolific Pedro Ramírez Vázquez.

With design techniques of their own, the people at Teotihuacan made serpent creatures a prominent motif in their architecture.
Here is a sample of the beautiful way in which they decorated:

The digital camera is full of every type of Mesoamerican container you can imagine.

One of the visit's highlights were all of the codices on view:

Below, we have a quetzal feather headdress that a rich Aztec left behind for us, along with other Aztec-related photos from the museum's vast Mexica wing...

... a collection that would not be complete without one of these Aztec calendars:

This was also the location where I bonded with this fine gentleman over a game of patty-cake:

Skulls, skulls all type'a skulls. Preclassic, Late Classic, Mosaic Skulls:

One photo I am sadly omitting is that of the ancient "grills". One of my most vivid memories as an
Anthropology student was a course on Mayan culture which went into depth on the Mayan kings' jade adorned tombs.
In fact, my friend Bun just sent me this very relevant article on Ancient Gem-Studded Teeth.

These are adornments from way earlier. Exactly how much earlier... I wouldn't be able to tell you:

The Olmec, a civilization existing before any of the aforementioned, created giant colossal heads for me to take photos of.

Upon exiting, the enticing street food lured us into its grasp. Queridis and I each had a Mexican hamburger- risky, I know.
It's important to note that as I write this, Querido is at home fighting a stomach bug. That hamburger doesn't look so good now...
(Oh, but it was!)

While finishing our burgers, we watched these voladores perform a ritual where they gracefully
throw themselves off this extremely high pole, and they twirl in synchrony, daggling by a single rope
around their foot, until they reach the ground. One member stays above playing an trance-like flute melody.

Later this day, we went to Goliath Festival, where I spent a bulk of my stay drawing my own
pictographs while watching Welcome to Death Row, a humble homage to such a pleasurable, and stimulating experience.

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