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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Shortly before OJ Simpson made the Ford Bronco famous, my Sea World-visor-and-fanny-pack clad family drove its burgundy one south of my father's hometown in Zacatecas to Mexico City for a vacation with family friends. On this cloudy afternoon, circa 1994, the other half of our entourage led the way in a wood paneled station wagon; inside, Felipe Senior drove Felipe Junior, Felipe Jr.'s mother Lucero, and of course the female namesake... you guessed it, Little Lucero.

I have fond memories of walking down the Avenue of the Dead at Teotihuacan, climbing up and through aqueducts, standing amidst vast plazas and marveling at the serpent-sculptured facades of an ancient civilization's crumbling constructions. Annoyed by my father who, trying to reference an Aztec flute, pretended to play said wind instrument, I, in turn, annoyed him back by re-enacting the popular Wrigley's Doublemint gum commercial ad nauseum, so that when it started to rain upon reaching the top of the Pyramid of the Sun, he didn't mind getting soaked because it couldn't have gotten much worse than my tailgating screeches.

My nervous documentarian of a mother, who was never without a recording device at hand (or head) during my entire childhood, would yell warnings at us every so often, so as to not fall off a pyramid... even when we were feet away from the edges. I've never been fond of having my picture taken, so every photo we have from that trip has me with a sour expression on my face.

I remember picking up a faux rock collection as a souvenir. I'm pretty sure the "gold" piece was just a large pebble sprayed gold. I forgot what I did with it... I think I detached all of the rocks from the display to decorate a mock biosphere science project years later. I do remember bringing it in for show and tell the following school year, but no one was impressed by my precious stones. At some point on the return, Little Lucero broke the lock off the gate of our Bronco, enraged because she didn't get a souvenir of her own, one she had her eyes set on longingly as we had walked down an alley of vendors exiting the site.

I'm hoping to revisit Teotihuacan soon. Maybe the next time I will take a photo or two with a smile on my face.

Thanks to Gordis for helping me remember some details.

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