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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Looking Up

I've always made it a point to announce, to whoever I am with, my klutzy tendency to look down when I walk... Mostly as a warning. You see, I am constantly tripping on the occasional ridge and cranny, so what was once exercising caution has become a bad habit. I've tried and tried, especially walking around some of the cobblestone streets and uneven sidewalks here in New York, to mind my eye-level surroundings- not just to familiarize myself with my new environment, but to break out of this compulsion.

The beautiful New York autumn coupled with lots and lots of work are the only things I needed to complete this paradigm shift as a pedestrian, and also to remain happy. When you're constantly surrounded with golden and orange leaves, it's hard not to look upwards. And being on the go, nonstop, makes it pretty hard to look down. Just yesterday I rented a large cargo van for work, and I found myself in awe of the way the sun lit up the streets in what seemed to be carefully selected spots. I would have taken camera-phone photos, but I think that dodging cabs, vans, wrong turns and several dozen passersby was enough for me to deal with. The day before was a tad darker and chillier, but punctuated by the fall colored foliage- reminiscent of those cheeseball black and white color-corrected photos of kids handing each other flowers or holding hands in oversized 1920's clothes.

Looking for steady work hasn't been the easiest task over the last couple of months, and I'm certain plenty of other people can empathize with this distress. Many are out of a job, while others simply hate theirs. I am fortunate enough to have supportive loved ones, a newfound stimulating work environment and now, majestic views at every turn- I have more reasons than ever to look up!

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