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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lartigue and Surprise Guests at the Howard Greenberg Gallery

Despite the cold rain and a tight Saturday schedule, we managed to make our way over to Midtown to see the Jacques Henri-Lartigue exhibit, A New Paradise, at the Howard Greenberg Gallery. It was well worth the schlep, and for our troubles we were rewarded with adjacent smaller rooms showing more photos of a barren, early 1900s Paris by Eugene Atget, immortalized relationships by Brassaï and architectural compositions by Charles Marville. Lartigue, practicing photography from an early age (around 10 or younger I think) came from a privileged upbringing, granting him access to exclusive subject matter such as fancy ladies and upper classmen sporting around town.

If the Howard Greenberg Gallery's dot com functioned properly, I'd urge you to check the thumbnails out on the website. Unfortunately for them, they haven't yet realized that the 2000s have made excellent non-Shockwave Flash innovations; however, they offered me an enjoyable experience so I will say that if you click on that link above and exercise some patience, you'll get to catch a glimpse of a few of my favorites like Suzanne Lenglen, Nice, France, taken in 1915, Carriage Day at the Races at Anteuil and Queridis' favorite, a 1930 photo of a frequent model of Lartigue's Renee Perle (Meh... wasn't too happy about that preference). They also have a photo of Atget's gorgeous and grainy Le Quais, Hiver on there that I wish I could blow up and frame over our dining room table.

(We saw Coco Avant Chanel afterwards, further transporting us back to early 20th century, bougie France. The film offered several lovely landscapes, textures and costumes, but fell short in terms of character and plot development. If you don't mind an almost two hour period piece with Miss Tatou's constant, intense pout and the heavy handedness of Gabrielle Chanel's wild-child-always-in-control tendencies (ironically enough, she is concurrently at the mercy of men throughout the film), then check it out)

From left to right: My Cousin Bichonnade, Paris, 1905 and The ZYX 24 Takes Off..., 1910

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