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Monday, October 12, 2009

Chocolate Ibarra

I am anticipating my first New York winter, even though autumn has only just begun to make itself at home. I've started to adjust to the colder climate quite comfortably, truly loving the fall except for long subway station walks demanding the treading of multiple stairways that never fails to leave me shvitzing under my sweater, scarf and jacket. Other than that, I welcome this weather so long as whatever I'm wearing has warm pockets. Upon arriving to my apartment and situating myself, I felt a little cooler than I normally do around that time of night. I instinctively knew what was called for.

My mother normally made/makes Ibarra for my siblings and myself during cold weather. If we were sick or just wanted to feel cozy, it was a go-to guilty pleasure. Surely copious amounts of sugar and dairy do nothing to fight a common cold, but the amount of happiness that one sip of this Mexican hot chocolate brings me is enough to ward off anything negative inside my body (I feel much the same way about Premium brand saltine crackers... Swine flu? A box of those and you're as good as new).

When I moved out of my house the first (and then second) time I kept asking my mother for her molinillo, which is that wooden stick pictured below that is used to beat the drink to a frothy consistency. I think I stole her old one and then lost it somewhere along one of the moving processes. Here I am, on my third move out in a brand new city with a brand new molinillo that she and my dad brought back for me from Mexico, and gave me on my last trip back to LA. You could make this drink with a regular whisk or wooden spoon, but for me, at least, it never tastes as good without the molinillo.

Hecho: Chocolatito caliente. Visto: The final pages of a book I haven't seen in a while... that I'm very happy to revisit. A fitting read, considering the mom-related reflections roused by this late night libation.

Buenas noches!

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