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Monday, April 14, 2014

Hardcover Bound 2

Happy National Library Week!

Here's a "B*tch*s in Bookshops" follow up I wrote and directed with the talents of - La Shea Delaney, Eliav Mintz, Alex Mintz, Stephen Galgano, Nalani Williams and a talented fellow I found on Craigslist- Hassan Farrow. 

Makes more sense if you've seen the original one, which you can watch here.

Hardcover Bound 2

Your eyes, get tired…
From readin’, a good book
On a Saturday night
From readin’ a good book
So just grab your good book
And put on your glasses
On a Saturday night
Readin’, your - aw huh honey

All that other media lame and you know it now      
Stackin papers with some glue then ya press it down

Met my book club on a Wednesday
Brave New World put me in a frenzy
Were Orwell and Bradbury friendly?
Assigned 1984, but read it already! 

Reading Jung for my grad dissertation
Then Freud’s Dream Interpretations
Essays on sex aberrations 
Fill the page with mad annotations
Fight Club was a rad adaptation 
Palahniuk gives me heart palpitations!

How you gonna be loud at my station-
Makin noise around all these librarians?!  
This bestseller shit
This that Alchemist, Giver, Old Yeller shit
This that Harper Lee and Scarlet Letter shit
Got a first edition straight off of Alibris

Your eyes, get tired…
From readin’, a good book
On a Saturday night
From readin’ your - aw huh honey

Open up and press pause on The Book Thief
The book’s usually better than the movie.

I read Sylvia Plath in the bath
Confederacy of Dunces when I want to laugh
In Cold Blood without even blinking
I mean damn what was Capote-pote-pote pote thinking

Ey, you remember watchu first read
Okay, I don’t remember what I first read
Prob’ly, it was Dr. Seuss, eh?
Silverstein- or Maurice Sendak

Realist magic- Borges and Murakami
Toni Morrison, Allende, Salman Rushdie
Perusin’ Malthusian theory,
Edgar Allen Poe when I feel like something eerie

They ask me what’s next on my reading list-
Ever start a book that you can’t finish?!
Caryl Churchill and Tracy Letts, I      
Think I’ll make time for Samuel Beckett
Books can help you over come lotsa things 
You know,
I know,
Why the Caged Bird Sings.

Your eyes, get tired…
From readin’, a good book  
On a Saturday night
From readin’ a good book
So just grab your good book (Reeeeaaaaaaadin')
And put on your glasses
On a Saturday night
Readin’, your good book.

This video was made possible by LA SHEA DELANEY, the blinking beauty who helped create the song and graciously lent herself to general ridiculousness before a camera in freezing weather with me (twice!), and the BROTHERS MINTZ, ELIAV AND ALEX, who are insanely talented producers, cameramen and editors.  I'm amazed at how Eliav has been working post on a film and mysteriously found time between like 10pm and 6 am to edit and VFX this together, in addition to shooting it with his brother.  STEPHEN GALGANO is responsible for everything audio related and should be thanked for putting up with this project's last minute recordings even though he has better things to do, as does my long time animator friend NALANI WILLIAMS with all her endless creative talent, and HASSAN FARROW who gave us the next best thing to Charlie Wilson himself. Major, major, major thanks to Project Yose's amazing COLIN DELEHANTY and SHELDON NEILL who shoot all that beautiful nature footage over at Yosemite- go look at all their beautiful work here.  Also thanks to LILIANA QUEZADA, PRODUCTION JUNCTION for being the coolest and most helpful equipment rental house, MARK ALLEN for being a great help with logistics, and TAMAR SELA for letting me snatch her kids' books without them even noticing.  A special thanks to tech-phenomenon ADAM LEIER for last minute computer wizardry, and the NYPL's MID-MANHATTAN BRANCH's helpful staff, although I will say check out is annoying when you're checking out 50+ books in a suitcase.  


Here's a higher res version, for those of you that like that sort of thing.


Hardcover Bound 2 from Annabelle Quezada on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

:) / :(

This made me cry

And this made me laugh

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Wild, the Beautiful and the Damned

Not sure what yet, but one day I'm gonna use this song for something amyehzing.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spirits of the Dead, 1968

Just rewatched this, it's three shorts by Vadim, Malle and Fellini based on Edgar Allen Poe tales.
The third is my favorite.

Putting It Together

A friend has just informed me that those voices telling Barbara that "nobody's gonna buy it" and that "this idea is too risky" are Sydney Pollack and David Geffen!  So I saw the video, and ha!
A mindblower that comes at the heels of finding out Alanis Morissette's "You Oughtta Know" is about Full House's Uncle Joey and "Slide" by the Goo Goo Dolls is about abortion.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Off the Books

Exactly two years ago, La Shea and I did a video called B*tches in Bookshops. When the song Bound 2 came out though, I thought to myself it would have been a better song to parody for the book video. I mean... it's called "Bound" for chrissake. But meh- I was so busy at work, and once in a person's lifetime seems like a healthy enough number to embarrassingly rap about books on the Internet.

However! Upon learning that La Shea was leaving back to LA, I thought to myself- why not close the cycle! She was leaving in three weeks from the time we decided to go ahead with it though, (she left three days ago) so we hit the ground running with a follow-up video for good ol' times sake.  La Shea is a gem and takes me back to a time where my biggest concerns were where to sit at lunchtime and if I could stay out late on the weekends. I will miss her, but I'm so glad we got to have one last hoorah before she took off to start this new chapter.
I figure at the very least it's a good opportunity for me and Eliav to play around with green-screens, and for me to try not to laugh instantaneously when trying to be serious and/or intimidating.  I also like having a prepared answer in case anyone asked why there were two Kanyes and no Kim... Prepared answer being: Because Kanye's ego is too big for just one person. Real answer being: Ain't no way we're getting naked for an internet video. I mean, exorbitant amounts of money- of course!! But internet video... Meh.

I also grew tremendous amounts of respect for Kanye, overdosing on his interviews and analyzing the Bound 2 video probably more than any person should ever have to (I know the timecode and duration of shots, people!!!). If I created the stuff he has, I might demand genius status as well. And the failure for the public to recognize such would definitely result in unsavory, frustrated behavior on my part. Suffice it to say, I could learn a lesson or two from Kanye's confidence.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Sci-fi all day, urr day. Some tops:

Octavia E. Butler

Metropolis, dir. Fritz Lang

Fahrenheit 451, dir. Francois Truffaut

Logan's Run, dir. Michael Anderson

THX 1138, dir. George Lucas

Gattaca, dir. Andrew Niccol

The Fifth Element, dir. Luc Besson

2001: A Space Odyssey, dir. Stanley Kubrick

Solaris, dir. Andrei Tarkovsky

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